Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Livetype and sound.

As a media student, I now sit through a movie opening title sequence and can't help but notice all of the different techniques and effects that go through when making the titles and the way that fonts can now swirl and twist and jump and bulge on the screen. This would usually only be able to be seen on the 'big screen' and when we as rookie film makers only get the sort of effects that make it obvious to the fact that it is a rookie film.Livetype answers this problem by giving you a library of pre- animated effects and visuals that can be easily modified to suit  your own visual tastes.
 We learnt how to use 'Livetype' and 'Sound' in lesson with Hannah in the computer room. Firstly, we were walked through how to open each system and then how to use all of the functions of the application.

At first I experimented on the 'Livetype' and play with the words and fonts making them look as if they were a real animation from a movie like hollywoods releases. I experimented with my name; 'Poppy Power' as I didn't see it as important of the actual word on the animation but what you do to the font to make it look effective in this situation of just testing out the gear.

I chose to make the title project my personality- so that I mad a motif on what sort of theme I was aiming for. And so- in the name I chose the font that was swirly and a soft pink that shows off the femininity. I then had the title
Over all, I enjoyed making the title animation as it widens my knowledge of the different sort of techniques I can do whilst making future films for coursework.
After this, I was introduced to the 'Sound' system. This is where the creation of the music is produced for your films. I experimented with all different sorts of sounds and musical instruments that I thought would suit my specific scene that I was choosing film for. During this process, it occurred to me how important sound is whilst making a film. The sound is crucial to how the audience will take in the film. For example; If we put in a comical sound and music to a clip, it would seem funny but then, using the same clip but changing the sound to a serious tempo and bass etc and the scene suddenly becomes serious. This process for me was fairly difficult, due to it having to be a slow process if you want the right music. I had to find myself testing my patience in order to choose the right sounds for the clip due to the amount of choices you are given. 

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