Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation Question 1

In terms of the timing of the titles, we have kept to the conventions of a normal thriller. Analysing a thriller opening showed us that titles usually last for 2-3 seconds depending on the importance/ how many people are in the title. The titles follow the order that a normal film does, with the producers and production companies as the first names, then the  main actors as well as editors. The title comes up roughly in the middle of the title, and stays on for a few seconds. These things are all conventions  of a film opening.

As we based our thriller on seven i want to compare both openings.

The first thing that looked similar was the titles. on the black screen, the titles stood out and was made effective by the flickering effect and broken ghost font. Seven also used this technique, making the titles jump into different areas on the screen. They eventually merged the subtitles into the action, something we did not do. both thrillers used white typography to stand out against the black.

There are close ups of a man flicking through a book, whilst we have Nathan flicking through photographs, this illustrates obsession and mental illness.

Seven merged to clips on top of each other, and we did the same with various contrasting shots.

The genre of the film is a supernatura; thriller, which you can tell from the clips of the girl in the forest with the shot of an empty forest behind her. This makes her look ghostly and not there.

We have used a small production company 'old mill productions' to show that we do not have a big budget are a small production company.

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