Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Seven is our main inspiration partly because it is a psychological thriller and does have a criminal context to it. Kyle Cooper has managed to create some fenominal shots for the opening scene; a series of close-ups on the main characters hands, notes and images of their past 'work'. The introduction has just enough to pull the audience in and not giving away too much information. Seeing gruesome shots on the screen and only somebody pealing their finger prints off invites the audience to wait around for more information and want to really find out who that character is and why he is trying to hide his identity. This is repeated through short cuts of vile images to fasten the pace and give the audience as much information within the first two minutes as possible, but making sure to find the balance between giving away too much.
We are shown that this is a psychological thriller through the unseen characters obviously unstable mental stability which I also think is reflected by the music and the actual titles themselves. The music is slow, just like the characters actions, but it has a goal, it feels like he knows what he's doing therefore the movie feels dominating. The sound effects that have been used to accompany the revolting images has great potential of getting positive feedback from the audience in the sense that they have performed that thrilling feeling within the audience getting them into the right mind frame for the movie.
The font that is used I believe is sans serif, this gives the movie a relaxed look, but the way of 'dragging' that the letters have been presented, they are hardly readable which I suppose implies the significance in this first character being extremely unpredictable. My favorite thing about this opening sequence is the way the music, images and fonts just collide to make the perfect combination, where there isn't too much given away but the audience know what 'they're in for'.

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