Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation - Part 2

The representation of social groups are important in thrillers as they can determine what kind of audience the thriller will be aimed at. In the opening, two main characters are used, one a girl and one a boy. We have followed the typical stereotype of the female being vulnerable. The mise en scene suggests her innocence and age. She has long, blonde hair, like many of the 'damzel' characters in other films. As she looks quite younThe film leaves us fearing her, even though she is innocent, due to the eerie forest setting and distorted editing.

The second character is a male, who remains unknown for most of the opening. The shots of him flicking through the pictures show his obssesion with the young girl. He does not represent a large proportion of people as he is isolated and alone. However this stereotype is necesary to creating his mentally ill persona. The fact that the audience can't relate to him makes them more curious about him. There are many films with a female obsessor, for example 'He loves me, he loves me not'. But this film features a male being obsessed with a girl, similar to 'The lovely bones'.

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