Saturday, 19 March 2011


We wanted a specific type of font for the titles. After looking through many titles online, we narrowed it down to five fonts. We were looking for a font that connotes bloodshed. Also we wanted it to look old and torn, this will connote the violent nature of the thriller.

We found some 'handwriting' fonts that looked effective as they were messy like a scrawl and perhaps could have been the handwriting of the killer, but as we didn't film any clips of Nathan writing, it would not have made sense.

We decided on the typography 'Broken Ghost', which looks artistic enough to be personalised, but is also readable. The words have what looks like blotches in some parts, which looks like spots of blood. Also the gaps in the letters makes it look old and as if it was printed.

The font is serif, whch connotes a formal, more serious film, which is what our thriller is, but with the added features, it is made to look haunting, and personal.

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