Sunday, 20 March 2011

How We Edited The Clips.

To make the different clips match, and look more interesting, we used different types of editing on Livetype.

The first thing we did was experiment with colours. By adjusting the contrast, the colours became more intense and stood out. The forest shots look particularly good with this, as the greens are brought out well.

We learnt how to emboss two clips together. To do this, we had to line up the two clips, one ontop of the other, then on the bottom left corner is a 'montain' icon, which has to be pressed to get the effect. After doing this a black line appears on the clip highlited, which can be adjusted up or down for different amounts of transparency.

We made the 'door' clips black and white.

The final effect was done through an editing technique called 'blink'. This allows the clip to flash.

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