Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We looked on different websites to find a font that we would all agree on as the right font for the titles of our movie. We were looking for something scruffy, something with a bit of an edge, and pointy to the extent that we wanted it to resemble the knife that the paranoiac had used to murder the innocent girl.
The first text is my favourite so far from all the research that we have done on texts. It has a misterious edge on it with a shattered appearance. I really like this font!
This next text I thought was interesting, being put together out of almost seperate pieces of paper cut out each letter, but together, reflecting the accidental circumstances under which this man became a killer, and each seperate letter representing how much he cared for everything as an insdividual.
This last font I am going to show is made up of what looks like handwritting. This writting I personally do not think wise only because I don't think it has as great an effect in comparison to the other styles of text.

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