Thursday, 31 March 2011


3) Who would be the audience for your media product?
Create a montage of images depicting the contents of the handbag belonging to the typical target audience member of your movie. Write up a little lifestyle summary like this: "Kenny, 27, an aspirer working in an advertising agency, loves going to the cinema, shops in H&M..." etc.
You may realise that your original target audience is not actually suitable for the film you have produced- so you may show how this has been adapted.

Name: Zoe Runner

D.O.B: 13.11.1989

Zoe .R is a outgoing young lady who loves cats and flowers! She very much enjoys to watch comedy, romance, action, thriller and supernatural genres- telling us that she spends most of the time that she should be studying, watching films on her laptop!
 In her spare time, she goes shopping in Selfridges with her best friends; Kate and Daisy.
At the moment, she is reading a Supernatural thriller book; Guardians of the soul Lambent. (Book 1) 
 She works as an assistant to the Director of the television series, 'Doctor who'. She loves her job because she's always surrounded by a new world with a lot of action and thrill in every day of the job, whilst helping her boss with small errands such as fetching him his morning coffee.
She loves going to the cinema and enjoy the experience and has told us that she has calculated that she spends at least £30 a month on just going to the cinema! (Including refreshments and popcorn)

Favorite film?
"I got to say... True romance is in my top ten. Its a romantic, action thriller with a bit of a psychological twist to it. ItsBased around this newly wedded couple getting themselves in a LOT of trouble with drug dealers, gangsters and drug addicted film producers. Its hard to believe but its just so romantic and action packed!"

As we were writing the title opening, we didn't really put too much thought about what sort of audience we would aim for- gender wise. But then in the out come of our film, we realised that the film would most likely get more of a female audience due to the supernatural side to it as well as the female leading role of 'Violet' who haunts a man who killed her, which shows strength to the women in the film- which would possible advertise to the feminists to want to watch a female dominated film.
When we had our title sequence watched by the rest of our class- even though we got positive feedback from both the male and female viewers, they all agreed, when it came to voting, that the female viewers would most likely want to pay to watch the film in the cinema.

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