Saturday, 12 March 2011

Prelim Evaluation.

This is going to be an evaluation of the preliminary film that we made. 
Considering that the day that we filmed this- we were missing Erika because she was ill and had the week off sick. And with one person down, we struggled with a couple of the shots due to there supposed to be 4 actors in this film and only being 3 actors on the day, this became a bit of a hassle. But in the end- we compromised by having Nathan play both characters as 'Captain' and 'Moyles'. 
We changed his mise en scene so that the audience could still see a difference in the scene. And showing them that Nathan is playing two different characters. 

Weaknesses of the film:

- I felt as though the voices were drowned out by the violins in one of the clips when Detective Moyles is entering the murder scene. We could have done an over voice to improve that. 

- During the shot of the 'dead body' or 'Victim'- there was supposed to be a cut shot from different angles around the body- during so, there was going to be a gun shot with every cut, but the sound seems to be in front of the actual video cuts. Which we can easily edit through and correct. 

- Another problem we had in this film was the lighting. As we didn't finish filming the same time as everyone else- we had to leave the room that we first filmed in and so the shots of detective Moyles and Captain speaking is in a different room. Which changed the lighting dramatically. 

Strengths of the film: 

- I believe that the Mise en scene- especially with the dead body shots were very well done. I liked the fact that the blood looked realistic and so it could have been believable. 

- I think that the over the shoulder shot as 'Detective Moyles' is walking down the hall worked very well. 

- Also the lower down shots of the feet looking at the body is very effective. 

Over all- I am happy with the final project and had great fun filming and creating it. :) 

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