Tuesday, 15 March 2011


To have a dramatic impact on the audience it was up to the group what props we were going to use to make sure that our video was to be effective and believable. The image on the left is of a dress that I bought in Oxfam, especially for this shoot. After having discussed it with the team we all thought it would be more effective for the victim (a young girl) to wear a white dress to reflect on her innocense. This will hopefully force the audience to sympathise with her. The red blood that we made is also a lot more effective on a white dress. It is clear to the audience that the girl wearing the dress has been drastically injured exadurating our science-fictional and psychological genre.
The colour red is extremly bright and attracts a lot of attention. This is why it is normally used on signs to draw people's attention to danger. Well so have a slight taster of this in our movie I had my nails painted red and my hair was made damp and messy, ofcourse also containing some fake blood from my hands which emphisised that this girl is not part of this world indicating clearly to the audience our science-fictional side of the movie.

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