Sunday, 13 March 2011

Harry Brown

Harry Brown is a British film directed by Daniel Barber. It is one of my favourite thrillers and I think the opening is unique in bringing the audience into the film.

The story follows an 'elderly ex serviceman' (Micheal Caine) living in a dangerous and run down estate where drugs and sex is an expectation.The out of control teenagers living on the estate put fear into the other residents. When Harry Brown's best friend confronts the youths and consequently gets murdered, he starts his desperate fight for revenge.

The film in my opinion is a crime thriller, as it has the suspense element, but also reveals the criminal acts that fund the estate. The film is gritty and shocking, which is why I think it stands out so far from other thrillers.

The opening documents the young men living on the estate and what they get up to on an average day. The format is made to look like a home video, with two clips edited together. This makes the audience feel like they are getting a covert view on what happens behind doors on the flats. The drug use shows also documents the

By bringing the camera onto the moving device,the audience moves along with the actors, turning every corner that they turn. This puts us into the position of the teenagers, taking us out of our comfort zone. When the scene shifts to the teenagers shooting at an Innocent mother, the audience is put into distress and shock. The climax ends with the woman being shot and consequently the boys try to get away, they are hit by a van. This collision and sheer violence all comes to a sudden end, giving the audience a little taster of what is yet to come.

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