Sunday, 13 March 2011

seven opening sequence Evaluation.

During the discussions of what our film would be looking like- I always new from the start what I wanted. And that 'Seven' would relate our opening title sequence to the opening title sequence of 'Seven'. Due to its simple way of having close up clips with an edgy glitch of the screen that cuts to different shots as well as contrasting two shots together and having the

The film is a phsycological thriller, which is evident from the start. The music is creepy and slow and it starts off more with sound effects such as creepy noises and scratching sounds as well as the volume flickers.
The typography of the titles is sans serif, which connotes informality and simplicity. The colour white against the dark backgrounds make it stand out, showing that the titles are important to the film as they are not hidden away or put into the side of a clip that some people will not read or notice, The words flicker, suggesting mental instability due to the way that even the titles are unstable. Director Kyle Cooper has given away this much just from just the typography.
The action shots are  a series of close ups of a male hands doing different sorts of things- such as writing and sewing and flicking through pages of old diaries. All of these motions seems to be normal things to do but the way the editing is flicking from one shot to another with small cuts of disturbing images inside of the books that the mans hands are flicking through etc all of this engages the audience as well as is informing them of the mental state of the man that is in the opening title sequence. 
The director, Kyle Cooper, shows us that typography and fast cuts of different images can be used in a thrilling way. The sequence gives away just enough to grip the audience without giving away too much. So in my opinion, this is a great opening that we can use as inspiration for our own.

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