Wednesday, 30 March 2011


1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Compare 9 shots from a title sequence for a thriller opening on with 9 stills from your own title sequence to show how your opening uses, develops or challenges the forms and conventions of real media products. 

SE7EN's 9 shots of the their title opening. 

Group 12's 9 screen shots of the title opening. 

In our title sequence, we looked at the opening title sequence of Se7en for our main inspiration. Such as the transparent clips that play through each other in Se7en that we again used in our title opening as well;

Over lapping an image to create an 'echo' effect. 
We used the same "echo" effect to make the actress look as if she 
was in two different places at the same time. This shot resembles
The screen shot form Se7en.

Making the clips transparent so that the viewer can see the two clips together. 
This shot has a transparent look to it to have the blood mixing the colors to make it have a red shading
with it to contrast with the oxymoron on the innocent shot behind the blood of a young girl with a flower. 

A shot that our group wanted to use when we created this title sequence was to add the famous 'blood down the drain' shot. That was used and famously known in film history. The shot from the film 'PSYCHO':

Se7en's screen shot. 

Another technique that we found very inspiring was the titles that were moving and flashing and looking all rigid as they appeared on the screen. And so our group manipulated the titles on our titles to have a rigid look to it with a small twitch to it.  

Group 12's titles screen shot. 

This is the opening sequence of I robot. 

 These two screen shots are from the film 'I robot' Which is an Action Thriller. 
In its opening title sequence, Will Smiths character is having a flash back dream from 
a bad memory, it then begins to become too intense and he wakes up. 

 In our title opening, we did something that was familiar to it. Using quick clips flashing 
through the titles at the end to create an intense shot we then had a loud noise of the door slamming, 
for the character to wake up from his nightmare in an effective way. 

In our title sequence we thought up of the idea of having a dream scene in the film to draw in the viewer as well as inform them of what the film will be about. Using a wide spread of shots that looked supernatural and ghostly,  making the viewer know what sort of genre this film will be; Supernatural Thriller. As well as giving the viewer enough information for them to be interested but not enough for them to already predict of what is going to happen in the entire film. 

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