Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Unfortunately I was ill on the day when my group proceeded with creating the live Prelim, therefore when I returned to school I was paired up with another media student to complete the task. The main challenge was that there was only the two of us, this made the task seem more difficult, for the both of us having to put together a successful prelim, where we were the only two to pitch ideas and having only two characters one having to keep and eye on the camera whilst the other was on screen was difficult to manage. This for me meant that my final 'live prelim' does not follow the 'jelly baby prelim' that the team and I had planned out. However we managed to complete the task in the end, here are a few strengths and witnesses:
  • We have achieved at least one match-cut camera shot with only two people acting, as well as filming.
  • We have included a variation of shots; establishing shot (of the hallway and opening door into room), close ups of the door handle, and medium close-ups to introduce the characters.
  • We put a lot of time and effort into editing the different types of shots created as well as trying to match a certain type of soundtrack to the video.
  • Considering there is speech exchange between the two characters, we could have made it more clear by including a voice over.
  • It would have been nice to include both characters at least once in an establishing shot of the location.
  • We could have also included more match-cuts to elaborate more in our video.
All in all however, I think our video is successful, and the best bit is that we enjoyed filming it, and gaining more experience for ourselves.

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