Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaluation Of Rough Cut


I particularly liked the font choice and the jittery effect it has like the letters cant sit still or suffer from an illness threading with the plot of our title sequence ( A nightmare, reminiscing 'Violet'). We were getting a bit side tracked and thought it'd be a good idea to mention costumes but as Rebecca highlighted opening titles should only contain the most important contributors to the film such as the director and producer and noted to us that we would lose marks if falling through with this plan so yeah... close call. The sound included is originally from youtube with a hint of our own persona to it such as a creaking chair and a screaming girl ( all added by Poppy ), this may cause a problem as it may clash with the copyright restictions so we may play it very light in the background and use my original saw inspired ambience soundtrack or simply try and replicate the sound in soundtrack pro however we as a group feel that it wont have the same effect as the original and may just scrap it for my first opening title music. Another issue raised is that it is simply not long enough. Our solution is to use the clips that have not been used yet to extend the timeline, also taking into consideration that the titles will take up a maximum time of around 10 seconds so this issue has been easily resolved. The final issue raised is the fact that our stalker images of Violet are too blury and the viewer simply cannot recognise her so we are going to reshoot this and make it more visible by using a matchcut to specifically view the image point blank for the audience to automatically know it is her. We will also laminate the images as it looked very mediocre on paper. 

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