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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product?

I have done some research on how my skills have progressed by looking at a previous prelim that I have done and comparing it to my final film.

I have mainly focused on the what would please the eye of the audience therefore I have compared two shots talking about each one's success.


The opening shot of my Prelim exercise was slightly out of focus as you can see, and the lighting was not very well thought through, now comparing it to the opening of my final film the lighting well thought of to make sure that it appeals to the audience. The genres of the two films are also extremely different.
I have learnt to focus on mise en scene a lot more and noticed the drastic difference that it makes in the quality of video. Some of the props that we have used; costumes, I have now noticed how much of a difference it makes to the value of the film. In my prelim I have used very little amount of notice in the clothes that we wore and the locations of which we filmed at. Here have a judge for yourself:

Now in these two shots you will notice that the camera angles are used for completely different styles of effects. The first screenshot was completely unplanned and took a lot of effort to make look professional, however with the final film, the outfit was discussed and bought earlier which made it so much easier to create effect-full shots to reach the kind of feedback that you would like from your audience.

The location that we had used for our filming in the prelim was completely not thought about. It was something that took us a while to adapt to, to make look more professional. Where as the location for the prelim was discussed in advance and we as a group went down to see it and elaborate on whether or not we thought it was the right location for our final film.

.In these two screenshots, I have displayed the difference between the two types of locations. The prelim seems more dull and is not as effective for the audience, whereas the second screenshot of the final film looks more attractive, eventful. the lighting again plays a big part in both of these shots. The lighting in the prelim I believe is what makes the shot look so dull whereas the screenshot from my final film is light and some of the lighting effects are used to create more tension for instance the bruising that you can see on the legs of the girl are not created by make up, it is just good use of lighting. Having that said we did pay attention to make-up of the main character to make sure that she looks scary enough, we simply did this by wetting the hair and making it messy and all over the characters face. 


As you can see, we experimented with the camera to see how many various shots we can get so that when it comes to editing were not lacking. Taking a lot of footage is something that I learnt in a lecture at london university, when the chief examiner gave us advice on how we can make sure to be on our way to good films. In my prelim however, the shots that were used were not as experimental or effective, they were all pretty much the same to an extent, which to a live audience I suppose would be really not interesting. Most of the shots taken are zoom-ins. Just to have a slight more bit of variation.

This shot is I think a perfect example of how much attention we payed to making sure that we did enough. This shot shows different effects and overlapping of images which is way more than I had when filming the prelim:
As you can see this is extremely dull in comparison to the picture above. There are no effects, the lighting is too dark. and the shot is slightly unbalanced. In the first screenshot we used a strategy that as a group we named the 'dadada effect' this is when you get a flash of re-occuring images. We found that this is very effective and according to our audience feedback we have decided that this was one of the most effective things that we had included in our final film. 


In my prelim the sound that we use was hardly cared for, we just chose sound from the effects that had already been created in soundtrack pro, however we put so much care into the soundtrack making of the final film. 
Here is another sample of our inspirations: 


I have learnt how to organise my time, the key skill to media: BE CREATIVE!!
My awareness of technology has expanded dramatically, I hadn't even heard of the technology that I have been using before I started my coursework. This is all thanks to Mary, Rebecca and the tech guys who have helped us so much along the way, THANK YOU!!

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