Thursday, 31 March 2011


How does your media product represent particular social groups?


Sometimes it is useful for audience to recognise characters from other movies within the title sequence. Here are a few shots that I have found and compared that use intertextuality from other films.
These two shots are extremely similar because of the setting and the girls natural 'habitat'. Both characters (tamara from 'the ring' and Violet from my thriller) have found themselves comfortable in a forest. It is a great setting and entertaining for the audience. 'The ring' was a successful thriller therefore if the audience sees that the mise en scene is similar audience of the movie will be more impressed with the movie.


Again I am going to compare 'tamara' from the ring to myself as the main character of the thriller because the aspects of the story lines in both cases are very similar. The greenery is also a re-occuring view. Another character that 'violet' can relate to is the grudge. All three girls (tamara, the grudge and violet) are victims which is reflected in the clothing. All three are wearing a white dress indicating a sense of goodness. This was intertextuality on my part when planning out the mise en scene - the costumes. I have also attached a screenshot from my own movie to make clear the similarities between all three characters. Although the image shot is taken from a distance in my opening it still is expected to have the same look and effect.

We also tried to make this scene more thrilling by creating a sequence making it seem like the girl was getting closer with each shot.

The audience first acknowledges that there is somebody in the distance in this shot:
Them this theme continues when she appears a lot closer in the next shot.

And finally the girl is back in centre screen, while the camera is still in the same distance. But this is the closest to the screen that she gets therefore nobody still sees her real identity. The hair and costume is the main thing that is similar to the girls in the movies listed above.


This character reminds me particularly of a movie that I have earlier blogged about from the movie 'the lovely bones'. I believe that in this movie his role was very effective just like in our opening. He was a man who was passionate and obsessed just like our character in our thriller, also with a dark secret as the victims begin to seek for their revenge. I have chosen to display him through this picture in particular because this is an image of him with a shadow on his face of the trees. When working on the mise en scene for our movie, I had photos taken of me from the stalkers point of view, the picture that I have used of a character called 'George Harvey' (the lovely bones) he is behind branches, well this is the perspective that we imagined that our villain would be when stalking Violet. This is reflected in the pictures where there is a clear view of branches in the photograph because the villain could not get close enough without her seeing him.

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