Thursday, 31 March 2011


2) How does your media product represent particular social groups?
Choose one or two stills of characters from your own movie opening and compare how they are represented (similarities/differences) to one or two stills from characters in a real movie opening which has inspired you.

This is the main character in our title sequence, the characters name is Violet. |(Actress, Erika. A) When we decided on what sort of story out title sequence was going to be, it was inevitable that the girl should wear a white dress. This is because white can signify innocence. And the blood stained on the dress makes her look victimised, which yet again connects to the innocence of the character. But the hair that covers some of her face as well as the effect that creates dark rings under her eyes, gives the impression that shes not as innocent as she's made out to look. In one of my past blogs, I mentioned the ring and how their title sequence has inspired me. That wasn't the only thing that had inspired us from the ring as I have noticed that the ring has a very similar mise en scene to the wardrobe to Violet.

As you can see from the image above, the girl from the ring has the same dark eyes and long hair that partially covers her face etc. 
Even though these two characters seem to look very much alike, they have defined differences. 
From the way that they equally move in their separate films, presents on how one is the victim and the other is the villain. In Violet, Violet is the victim that seems to get her revenge by haunting her murderer, even though haunting a man to near insanity would be seen as being a villain, in this situation, we wanted the audience to side with Violet. Where as in the 'Ring', the girl is the evil ghost that kills innocent people. The audience does not side with the girl as they want the victims of the people who get haunted by the girl to live and survive the encounter. 

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