Tuesday, 15 March 2011


We as a group eventually decided that SE7EN was the right way for us to go. The excellence of the suspense, keeping the audience on the 'edge of their seats' wanting to find out more, and we felt that this was what we really wanted. Unfortunately this meant that we couldn't elaborate on Nathan's idea, however we had come up with something that we felt has more potential.
 For our pitch we discussed the baseline of the movie, the general gist of what we were going to make it about. We decided that the story line is about a paranoiac, who has grown obsessed with a girl, and ended up killing her in a forest area, however, she seeks revenge and begins to haunt him, the murder then feels like he has started to imagine things, he feels too guilt trapped as his slowly corrupting mentality turns into aggression possibly identifying another victim. For an extremely rough idea, we decided to name the movie after the girl and wanted to call it 'Alice Springs'. This will only introduce the audience the audience to our main character, leaving the rest of the movie in question. We are going to achieve the SE7EN style by analysing the clip in thorough detail, and use the film for good intertextuality.

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