Tuesday, 15 March 2011


We started out our first filming day after having picked up all of our equipment from college. In the morning we all made our way down to Poppy's house considering that her house was closest to our forest and deserted bathroom location. At first we made some plans and arrangements whilst I put on the dress and painted my nails, to look the part. We then made some fake blood as well as filled up our water plant spray with water so that we can dampen my hair when finally getting to the forest experimenting with a few shots.
We prepared the camera kit and head out to experiment. We spent quiet a while in the woods attempting to plan out a few good shots, as well as getting my feet into the mud to make it look like I have been running from my killer in the bathroom scene.
After spending an hour or so on that we headed back towards the deserted house, our main shooting location. This is where at first I had to lay down in the bath and have the fake blood applied to my dress, hands and the sides of the bath to make it look like a crime scene. Some other bathroom appliences such as the sink got slightly splattered in blood which aroused more creativity for us later.
We tried to take as many shots from as many different angles as possible to make sure that we wouldn't lack footage when editing. considering we wanted many different shots just like in 'se7en' it was probably the most sensible thing to do. We had close ups to create more dramatic suspense of my bloody hand with blood dripping from my finger-tips hopefully encouriging the audience to feel more thrill.
As I mentioned earlier, the sink had inspired us. Putting a bit of intertextuality into our filming, we borrowed Psycho's water swearling around the drain scene adding more dramatic impact and having a few ideas flowing about how we would consider editing that into our final film. Or just suspensefull shots of one blood drop reaching down to meet another and another.
To continue experimenting, we had a few interesting ideas of me being dragged by my killer up a staircase, we imagined this to be very effective however, later decided to try out a few shots of Nathan carrying me up the stairs just so that we can mix a veriety of effective shots to make a combination for a thrilling movie.
For our last few shots I had yet again (bare footed I must add) walked back to the forest and to take a few more shots of the trees, we had a wonderful point of view shot of spinning watching the tree tops. It's a truly excellent shot and if edited in the right way can be made into a great part of the opening. We also took an extreme close up of a flower, a forest violet that we thought the light was shinning beautifully on, hoping that we can somehow manage to be creative enough in our editing to pull the image into out production.
Over all I believe we had a FREEZING, yet very productive day in filming and I can truly say thuroughly enjoyed ourselves!

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