Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Risk Assessment after filming.

Whilst filming we did quite a lot of health and safety awareness because of all of the small yet slightly dangerous stunts we did when we were filming. Here is a list of ways that we avoided accidents;

1.When we were filming Erika in the woods- she had to be bare footed in a public woodland. To avoid her hurting her feet- we brought her flip flops to wear when we were walking from location to location.

2. To make sure that Erika didn't get too cold (since we were getting her to walk around in a small thin dress in the middle of February in the woods.) We carried a coat a long with us so that every time we finished a shot- she would slip into the coat and flip flops.

3. When filming the scene when Nathan carrying Erika up the stairs- we put a single bed mattress at the bottom of the stairs (out of shot) just in case that Nathan lost his balance and fell or let go of Erika and she tumbled down the stairs- they would have something soft to fall on.

Over all, I think that the filming was very safe and organised. We were sensible with the equipment and nothing bad happened. Even the weather was on our side- with the sun shining through the trees with a cool breeze. (Although I think Erika could have done without the breeze since she was freezing the whole time- coat or no coat, it was still cold!!)

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