Tuesday, 15 March 2011

DAY ONE - filming.

- During the half term my group and I planned to hire out the filming kit and do two days of filming.
The first day was very progressive and we all decided to meet up at 10am. This was our filming time table.

10:30am- Meeting at Poppy's house.

10:45am- begin to prepare all the kit to go out into the woods.

11:00am- Be in the woods and film the running shots- bare footed.
                Also film a few shots of Erika through the trees and leaves.

12:00pm- Head to the abandoned  house up from Poppy's house. Begin to set the scene (Bathroom) by                    
                covering the bath with blood as well as ruin     Erika's "White dress" (That resembles innocence)
                by covering it with blood and ripping it.

13:00pm- Start to film the bath scenes with Erika looking 'dead'. taking shots from all different angles. As well as shots of blood trickling off the tips of her fingers.

13:45pm- After finishing all of the different shots of Erika, we began to have shots of the bathroom itself such as the sink with a shot of blood trickling down as well as the iconic shot of blood being   washed down a sink.

14:30pm- Take shots of Nathan dragging Erika through to the bathroom as well as shots of him carrying  her limp body up the stairs.

14:50pm- Take a hand held walking POV shot walking up the stairs through the house to the bathroom where Erika's 'dead' body will be. (This will be edited later on to be fast forward and quickly moving in a dream like state to show abnormality and a haunting edge.

15:15pm- Go back to the woods and film more shots of Erika in the woods. Standing in different places to create the effect that she's in two places at once (once we have edited) As well as other shots of Erika looking innocent like holding a flower but her hair looking all tangled and covering her face- as well as her dress still stained with blood. Showing a sort of 'blood splattered angel' shot.

16:00pm- Finish filming for the day.

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