Thursday, 31 March 2011

Evaluation - Part 3 - Who would be the audience for the thriller?

Audience Factfile

Name: Evangelie
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Enjoys: Cinema,
Favourite Films: Looking For Eric, The ring
Favourite Thrillers: Seven, Phonebooth
Favourite T.V Show: CSI, The Vampire Diaries
Favourite Music: The Klaxons, The Killers Ect.

We thought a female would enjoy our thriller more than a man, as our thriller is a supernatural sub genre, an on the spectrum, women tend to favour this more then men. The age is more towards the bottom end of the target as young people are the main target for cinema, having mor free time and money. However, she is old enough to stand the scary nature of the thriller.

Adults usually have a facination with solving mysteries, which is why she likes the programme CSI and would also enjoy watching a thriller that can have alot of twists. Her favourite films include Seven, a thriller that we based our opening on. She also likes 'The ring', a film constantly being compared to ours. Also, in her favourite films, she likes Looking for Eric, a small budget film, showing she might have an interest in independant cinema.

This is just a typical breakdown of the films target demographic. We originally wanted to target the audience at females from the age of 15, as we showed in the pitch.

However, this age is starting a little young and the finished opening actually hints to an older demographic of late teens to adults.

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