Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Making fake blood.

Before we began to film, Charlene was in charge of buying the fake blood but unfortunately she couldn't find a shop to buy it in. And so we had to become creative with making fake blood. And so whilst Charlene came back from the quest of finding the blood, I looked up online how to make fake blood at home.


1 1-Pt (16 Fl. Oz.) Light Corn Syrup
2 1-oz. Bottles Red Food Coloring
Paper Towels or Newspaper
Container Larger than 1 pt. (I used two plastic cups)
Fork or Spoon (plastic works fine)

What To Do:

Lay out the paper towels or newspaper under your work area (food coloring can stain counter tops)

Pour all of the Corn Syrup into your larger container

Add both bottles of Red Food Coloring (the food coloring will sit on the top, separated from the corn syrup)

Stir with fork/spoon (when you first start stirring, it will be watery because of the food coloring; you'll know it's ready because it will have a thick, gooey consistency, more like the corn syrup)

If the blood sits overnight, it looks better and has an even better consistency, because it 'congeals' a little.

It also dries looking like droplets of blood; if you drip some on your (arm, face, etc) and let it dry (cool hair dryer works well), it will dry in a 'drip' shape, so that it always looks fresh.

Here's the outcome:

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