Saturday, 2 April 2011

Question 4&5 Continued... Hurtwood House Media

Hurtwood house media.

Hurtwood house is a boarding school in Britain. To create their media thrillers, they are given a budget, giving them an edge and allowing therm to make a more realistic opening.

The thrillers are put on youtube and viewed by the public. They are also put onto the website for Hurtwood house so that students and adults interested in the school can view it. On youtube it received 823 views showing that the internet can gain a wide audience for independent companies.

The particular opening i have seen is one set in a tube station. The station was hires using the budget, so the platform was empty. the opening features a man boarding the tube and turns out to be the only person in the carriage, apart from a creepy girl who appears. The opening is genuinely thrilling and creates suspense. Not a huge amount of editing techniques were used but this is made up for with the use of flashing lights and unique angle of shots. i particularly liked when the camera was on the floor and filmed the female slowly walking towards it. this put the audience in the position of the young man and made me feel quite disturbed.

The mise en scene used was very similar to what Erika wore, with a white dress and bare feet. However the make-up of the girl was more thought about and made her look dead.

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