Friday, 11 March 2011

Half Term - 1st Day Filming

- Queens Woods (Muswell Hill)
- Poppy's abandoned house

Scenes filmed:
- Innocent shots in the forest
- Post Murder (taking the victim into the house)

After Erika changed into the white dress, we drenched it in blood, trying to make it look realistic. We began by filming Nathan and Erika's scenes which took place inside the abandoned house. We experimented with different angles, and the execution for example dragging or carrying.

Some of the shots that were not so easy to get were the still shots, whilst Erika lay in the bath. This was because it was hard to sit still whilst th
It was aso hard to get the shot of the blood dripping from the hand as the blood dripped so quickly out of the hand, nefore we could even film

One of my favourite shots is a type of establishing shot, walking from the front door and up the stairs with the camera to the room where the dead girl lays in the bath. This allows the audience to understand where everything has taken place and takes a normal house on a normal street and shows what is inside. At first we noticed that the reflection of the camera was through the window so we had to film this twice.