Monday, 31 January 2011

Lurpak Butter Advert

In class, we watched a unique Lurpak butter advert of a man making an omlette. As grey and dull as it seems, the Lurpak butter advert suprisingly had the entire class embracing the advert due to the intricate editing and camera shots used. The advert commences with a camera on a track slowly gliding through the fridge at a low angle making all contents seem large we then see an extreme close up of a pack of eggs which look towering at the low angle we view it from. We are then returned back the fridge only to view the contents from a high angle getting a slight glance of the Lurpak butter. Matchcuts are then used of the man pulling the fridge door open, the light from the outisde of the fridge penetrating, and a big close up of a fridge magnet. This is followed by a mid shot of the man staring into the fridge and a high angle point of view shot staring into the fridge. We are then introduced to our second extreme close up of the mans eyes blinking accentuated with the huge sound of his eyelids opening and shutting. The next shot is a another extreme close up of the man's index finger taping on the fridge door. We then see the man place two eggs onto the bench and go to a low angle shot of the man bringing the egg down to the edge of the bowl instantaneously followed by a close up of the yolk splashing. The camera is then placed below the fork whisking the egg giving a very dynamic camera shot with a submerged feeling everytime the fork enters the egg. We next see a mid shot of the man whisking the egg followed by a big close up of the man pinching salt into the egg and close up shots of the salt plopping into the egg. The next shot is a low angle shot from the inside of the drawer viewing the man pull it open , clear example of intertextuality as this scene has been replicated in a number of thriller films. We next see him cutting into the butter once from a big close up and then a regular close up. The next shots are of the butter being dropped into the frying pan and the cooker being ignited both in slow motion to make simple tasks seem cool and epic. We then view the egg pour into the frying pan and witness it cook from a birds eye view interesting because time is sped up so it highlights the changes made. We then view a low angle shot of cheese being grated and falling towards the camera and as soon as tge epicness of the frying is finished the shots return to simple camera shots of the man sitting down and eating. This advert is accomponied by an elegant opera singer - an intriguing choice of high class music for a simple purchasable item.

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  1. bloody hell!- someones been doing their homework!! 0_0