Thursday, 27 January 2011


I have also been introduced to a software called 'Livetype' and 'Soundtrack Pro'.
Livetype is to help us create a veriety of fonts to add titles to our movies. This will become a lot more useful when editing our final coursework piece. There are plenty of ways to play arround with the effects that can be done. These effects are submitted to your text at the click of a button and can be edited out to match up whatever theme the movie is. I have included pictures to demonstrate just some of the tools and actions that can be done when using 'Livetype'.
Soundtrack Pro is all about adding sound to footage. This is extremly important to the video for various effects. The purpose of sound is to make it more appealing to the audience and exhadurate events within the film. On soundtrack pro there is a veriety of sounds to choose from; instruments allowing to use guitar, base, piano, and create a 'master piece' of something that will really be EXTREMLY important towards the quality of the film.

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