Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My favorite Thrillers.

I thought it would be best to publish a blog about my favorite thriller films to show the typical type of thriller films that I specifically enjoy.

1. The shining. 
I loved 'The shining' as it was a very simple idea that was cleverly filmed in a way that created a disturbing atmosphere and a lot of suspense. T

his was made in 1980 and even has a iconic line that everyone uses, but it is now usually used to mock the film more than anything. But that doesn't contradict to how good this film was and was reviewed.  
One of my favorite parts in this film was the twins that kept on showing up in the hotel, it made me feel as though there may be some sort of chilling ghosts still here, haunting the man. Other than him just becoming insane. There was one scene that always caught my attention that builds up a huge amount of suspense, which was the little boy riding his tricycle through the hotel hallways. Through this they film it as though they are following the boys bike, and with the suspenseful music following after, it creates the audience to become fearful for the child's safety. Which is on of the things that made this film so good. 

2. PUSH 
I really enjoyed PUSH (with Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning) as it was very creative and had one of my favorite sub genre's, Romance and super natural. The film about a group of people who naturally form a super power and there is a corporation that is trying to destroy them or make them under their control. In my opinion, PUSH was very under rated. As not many people have seen it because of the bad advertisements and lack of support of money to keep it in cinemas. And so it was put from cinema and then straight away to DVD's.
PUSH has a lot of action in it with a lot of chase scene's and in the chase scenes, you build up a lot of suspense in your mind, as the audience. Wanting the bad guy to lose.
What made this film so much better than others is the actual ending, leaving the audience hungry for more with such a huge, suspenseful cliff hanger.

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