Thursday, 6 January 2011

Analysis on Thriller clip that we watched in class.

In lesson 2, we watched a few Thriller clips to show the different types of use of suspense to make the audience feel a specific way whilst watching the film.
Specifically, we based our analysis on a short clip from the block buster Thriller;  'JAWS'
One of the, now well used suspenseful techniques that is used to create a physical reaction with the viewers is False Plateau- which Jaws is known for using in this iconic clip from 'JAWS' that we watched in class.
What the directors do is make the viewers believe that something bad is going to happen by using intense music and building up the tension- in the clip, they did this by making everything at first seem normal, yet you can still get the feeling that something is about to happen due to the camera angles, which are either under water looking at the dangling legs that are kicking and floating around, which could suggest that the audience is in the point of view of the shark itself, and the other camera angle that has half of its lens looking over the water and then the other half looking under the water. Even though we haven't actually seen the shark yet, the suggestion that it is there, makes you cautious to thinking if the whole scene will be as normal as it suggests.
When the audience get a glimpse of a giant fin swimming in the water near all of the other swimmers that is on the beach- the music then starts as soon as one of the extra characters notice the fin and begins to panic and swim/run back to shore. All this suspense is then created due to the audiences expecting something to happen making them feel empathy for the characters and wanting them to escape from the giant fin.
As soon as the beach is then emptied from all swimmers, the sharks fin is then revealed to be only two small kids doing a prank, this will the release the suspense from the audience making them think that its all over and nothing bad is going to happen- then!- they show the real shark and the shark attacks- leaving the audience caught off guard and so there is more of an emotional effect towards the audience.

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