Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Detailed Analysis of Jaws

The introduction to movie Jaws, is a really inspiring scene because the first 5-6mins gives us a very clear view of what the movie is going to be about and is packed with with detail to make the perfect recipe for suspense.
For the first minute of the opening sequence, we get introduced to the location, and a few characters, that the audience realise immediately what roles the characters play and how important they are to the story because of the amount of time that the camera spends on each figure. By this time, the audience also establishes that there is a problem when the lifeguard calls 'Daisy', and says that he has spotted something in the water. However by 1:30mins the audience is lured to believe that it was a false alarm. A False Plateau - The Bomb Theory. However this already hints to the audience that something wrong is about to happen, I would consider this moment Dramatic Irony; the audience is waiting for something to happen where as the characters in the film, still have not yet realised.
By 2.10mins one of the characters has noticed the 'shark' in the water and panic starts, which creates a great thrill for the audience, but as everybody is getting out the water we realise that it was a false alarm - two children trying to make a joke. By this time, the audience is calm and relaxed, which creates 4.15mins to be the perfect time to bring in the real shark, that nobody has been expecting. To create more tension, when the shark is noticed in the water, and we hear a woman shouting for help because she has seen the shark, a dramatic orchestra is used to accompany her voice to build up the moment and make it as dramatic as possible.

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