Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Title Sequences- Se7en

One specific title sequence that has inspired me for my film opening is the opening scene for 'Seven', Although we have not studied it in class, I personally have seen it and has counted it as one of my top 5 thriller films.

In 'Seven' the music and the clips, straight away draws the viewers into a disturbing atmosphere with quick cuts and film over lapping each other. It is as if the director was attempting to get the viewers into the mind of the psycologically disturbed character that is seen later on, seen in the opening title sequence, both peeling his finger skin off as well as cuts of him writing in what seems to be a diary, which can be made to seem normal but then there are cuts of him sewing the pieces of paper together, it then does a scroll down a shelf that is filled with the exact same amount of books, made the same way.
Through out this opening title sequence, we do not see any faces that would seem relevant as a real character but at the same time, the way that the filming is presented, it tells the viewer that this film is going to be sub-genre'd as a Thriller/psycological. As the images that are seen would straight away present the person as a man who is mentally disturbed in some way.

The music and sounds that go with the opening titles is also a gripping, yet disturbing effect. With the rippling sound effects in the beginning that sounds like metal if it could rip. Or records being scratched at some points, as well as even an 'out of signal' radio sounds. They are all very abnormal sound effects that can create an intense and serious opening scene.
Throughout the credits you always hear a sort of echoing scratchy sound that follows after every new sound effect that enters.

From this opening, I could easily create a similar replica to this scene. Using the same sort of angles and effects, making such simple camera angles and shots but complicating it with effects and sound in the background.
Over all, I like this opening title sequence because of its simple filming, yet the editing and sound effect that are later on added, created it to be so tormenting and disturbing in such a simple way.

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