Sunday, 30 January 2011

My favorite title sequence

Grand Theft Auto;
My most favorite title sequences come from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Before the release of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, the Grand Theft Auto franchise used near exact title sequences to introduce their games, a very smooth flowing animatic slideshow displaying the scenery of the game accomponied by the opening credits. However due to the recent fluctuation of technology the Grand Theft Auto franchise has disowned their original title sequence for a far more intermediate, cinematic title sequence as displayed in the most recent - Grand Theft Auto 4.

I have chosen to illustrate the Grand Theft Auto title sequences with Grand Theft Auto: 3 and 4 , simply because Grand Theft Auto 4 is in the same city as 3 and there is a highlighted difference in the way the city and the game is portrayed through the title sequence. Grand Theft Auto 3 seems to be very investigative with its simple piano music wheras Grand Theft Auto 4 seems very out going and intricate due to the very detailed introduction.

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