Wednesday, 5 January 2011

List of thriller sub-genres - which inspires you at the moment and why?

Different types of thriller sub genres include ;
Conspiracy thrillers, Crime thrillers, Disaster thrillers, Erotic thrillers, Legal thrillers, Medical thrillers, Mystery thrillers, Political thrillers, Psychological thrillers, Religious thrillers, Supernatural thrillers and Techno thrillers.

The Sub-genres that inspires me most.
I am currently inspired to pursue creating a Crime thriller for my group's thriller opening due to watching classics such as Reservoir Dogs and Seven which in my personal opinion will be a very fun and exciting experience to try and replicate especially due to our locale being in the heart of London. Crime thrillers are "hybrids" being mixed with both crime films and thrillers bringing together two highly significant genres which allows the creators to experiment with a wide range of ideas. This is one of the main reasons I'd like to do a Crime thriller because we can incorporate two ideas from having a Crime thriller and any additional thriller - preferably a Psychological thriller because they use the literary devices and techniques; stream of consciousness, first-person narrative and back-story which compliment a crime thriller. In addition to this, I wish not to base my whole group opening on a Psychological thriller because Psychological thrillers stereotypically open very subtle and this will abolish my original plot for the opening which will be revealed in 'Post an analysis of a title sequence which inspires you'.

Now that is out of the way look back on how many times I said thriller.

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