Saturday, 8 January 2011

Detailed analysis of Thriller Clip.

The Clip I will be analysing is from the 2009 remake of the 1987 American Thriller - The Stepfather.

As the clip begins we are at the point of view of the newspaper deliverers allowing the audience to view the suburban area the opening scene takes place in. This is accompanied by eerie, chilly piano music signifying elegance but also setting the menacing mood. The camera on the track then pauses at main house and the point of view shot of the newspaper deliverer observes his clipboard allowing the audience to see that this house has cancelled their newspaper subscription automatically connoting to the audience that something is wrong, emphasised by a deep bass, to replicate a person's traumatic heartbeat. This is followed by an establishing long shot of the house as the minivan pulls off.

Camera tracks above grooming equipment such as clippers and scissors followed by a close up of the "Stepfather" accompanied by the same deep bass as when viewing the clipboard suggesting that he was the cause of it. A match cut is then used used of the Stepfather pouring hair dye into his hands and using it allowing the audience to gain knowledge of his age but also suggesting he wishes for his appearance to remain classified. We then see him carrying out a simple male routine shaving, peculiar due to the fact that he shaved clean and could possibly not be conceived as the same person. A jump cut then occurs of him cutting his face with a razor physically engaging the audience to cringe at the sudden unexpected sight of blood (visceral effect). We then see a big close up of the Stepfather with one contact lens to accentuate a huge notable change in his identity transitioned by a long shot of his "transformation".A camera on a track then passes by pictures of what seems to be a happy family brewing a growing concern in the audience - Where are they? The camera also allows the audience to see that the pictures are surrounded by Christmas decorations informing the audience of the time of the year. The camera then pans for  a long shot of the Stepfather picking up luggage and carrying it downstairs arising many questions in the viewers head.

The Stepfather calmly puts on the Christmas carol 'Silent Night' and enters the kitchen. As he draws closer to the camera viewing him, the sound of the telephone beeping intensifies stating that the audience are hearing what he is. The crawly sound of the beeping indicates a struggle or disagreement has occurred. Whilst he is strolling into the living room with his toast and warm drink, the camera on the track tilts sideways to reveal a dead boy sitting at the dinner table confirming all negative suspicions of the man and connoting to the audience that he is not sane. We then see a match cut of the Stepfather flipping over a remote control car and the camera rises to view the dead mother on the couch instantaneously followed by a close up of the mother. The camera then views a dog trying to gain entry to the house as camera tilts to view another boy dead - under the Christmas tree allowing the audience to gain knowledge of the Stepfathers sick, sadistic ways. Two close ups are then used, one of the dead boy under the tree and one of some bloody wounds in the back of the mother connoting that they have been murdered. Also in this shot we can view bloody sharp house utensils on the floor expressing his barbarity. The camera moved to the Stepfather putting his mug in the sink and panning to view the bloody murder weapons in the neighbouring sink.

As the Stepfather draws close to the front door an echo sound of a child screaming is heard suggesting that he is becoming reminiscent. The camera then zooms in at a fast rate to momentarily view a girl attempting to escape and then it quickly resumes back to its medium close up of the Stepfather. He then sets the house alarm as the camera switches to a birds eye view to see the body of the girl trying to escape dead on the floor in a pool of blood. Unfortunately telling the audience that she did not escape his clutches. The final scene in the house is a close up of the deceased girl. A sound bridge is then used of a door shutting , saving us from viewing him walk to his car. The sound represents both the front door and his car door shutting. We then witness from the Stepfathers point of view, him fixing his mirror in the car and removing the spot of tissue absorbing the blood from the razor cut and carelessly flicking it out of the window. As his car pulls off, the opening scene ends with a transition in the form of a garage door shutting.

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