Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Intertextuality is films 'borrowing' ideas from other films. Some thrillers may have a lot in common considering that each one may use similar or even the same camera angles, editing techniques, aspects of mise en scene or even sound. It is "the visual referencing between films."
Psycho was a classic thriller movie, directed by Alfred Hitchcock who was also the creator of the 'bomb theory'. The most classic scene of thriller films in the white tile bathroom, where the victim in psycho was stabbed to death. There is a link between 'What lies beneath' and 'Psycho' considering that in both movies the damsel in distress is a woman who is in the bath. Maybe they consist of different story-lines behind, but the principle of the scene is the same white bathroom where the women are powerless.
Props used for the mise en scene in 'Psycho' in the scene of the killing is a knife. This is the main prop used. This same prop is also used in another great, inspirational thriller 'Fatal Attraction'. The prop is held and used in the same way. This is what intertextuality is all about. Capturing that moment that has made every other thriller so successful and managing to rebuild that moment properly in your own film.

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