Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thriller sub genres

Thriller films usually have traits of other genres, creating sub-genres that come under the category 'Thriller'. These are some examples -

Action thriller - a thriller that has the same fast paced action based theme (inception)

Phsycological - can be confused with horror as the storyline is usually creepy and horrifying and can have paranoid effect on the audience (the shining)

Supernatural -  a thriller that usually takes place outer space and has sci-fi conventions. (Alien)

Murderous passions - usually involves a story line with a jealous or obsessive lover. (Fatal attraction)

Political thriller - a films that deals with political issues as well as having (Enemy of the state)

Crime thriller - a thriller that derives from a crime and usually features a criminal on the run. (Harry Brown)

A thriller can fall into more than one of there sub genres for example, 'phonebooth' which is a psycological and action thriller.

I think the murderous passions genre would work well to make an opening out of for the coursework. Murderous passions can be easy to recreate as in general as there are many different storylines that can be used, keeping our options open. Also, the physical aspect of location is something that goes well with this genre no matter what environment we decide to shoot. The  plot is usually easy to deceiver from the opening, for example in the stepfather, the title sequence reveals a man that has murdered a family.

Alternatively, a crime thriller would work well in the city if we have an opening similar to 'Enemy of the state' which features C.C.T.V style footage which we can easily re-create as we are based in the city.

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