Sunday, 23 January 2011

Black Swan.

Last night I saw the golden globe nominated film, Black Swan.
I wasn't expecting anything too serious and intense from the trailers mostly advertising it as being about a ballerina's struggle to becoming a successful dancer. But it then became more of a thriller with the entire audience gasping in shock and sometimes even from disturbing sights such as Nina- the main character played by Natalie Portman. Having to pull out a black feather form her back that is scarred with an odd rash.
In my opinion, this is what I thought the film was about, but it is one of those films (such as INCEPTION) that leaves gaps for the audience to fill in with their own choice of how they would like it to end.
What happened in the film is that Nina is picked as the Swan Queen, which is the biggest part she could get. But this specific dancer must be able to play two characters that are absolutely opposite, the white swan which is sweet and innocent and gentle and then the black swan, that is evil, passionate and seductive. Yet Nina can only seem to perfect the white swan act, and then fail to show what the director wants to see in the black swan character. And when the director tries to show her what passion hes talking about, nina takes it too seriously and seems to allow this passion to take over her mind. Throughout the film, she seems to become more and more obsessed with the perfection of the black swan and through that she begins to hallucinate, to the point when she doesn't even know whats real or not. And yet as the audience, we

don't know that they are hallucinations and that all of the gory scenes and swan transformation scenes were all in her mind until right at the end.
Over all, I really enjoyed watching this film even though it made my skin crawl, made me cringe, made me laugh and made me cry, Natalie Portman definitely deserved that golden globe award for this part.
Highly recommended.

(Below is both my favourite scene and the trailer)

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