Saturday, 22 January 2011


The definition of the word intertextuality is;
'The whole network of relations, conventions and expectations by which the text is defined; the relationship between texts'
Intertextuality plays a huge role in the media world with many great conventions re-enacted and manipulated to incorporate the same essence of the original. It is difficult for a film producer in this day and age to successfully create a plot that already has not been thought of without crossing lines with other producers, so in theory the entire media industry is run on intertextuality, some more recocognisable than others; 
The famous shower scene from the 1960's horror movie Psycho

 This famous scene has become an icon to many filmakers in the thriller/horror department with many conventions mirrored into their own pieces of work. In relation to my case studies, the movie The Stepfather has noticably been inspired by this famous scene as they also had a replica of the bathroom , similar camera shots and recognisable traits such as when David is stabbed in his neck he collapses back pulling down the shower curtain and staring motionless into the camera.

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