Tuesday, 25 January 2011


We have studied title sequences in lesson and have worked to accomplish a time line. The time line helps us to develop our knowledge of the start and end times of the film opening. This is useful for us because it will influence our own strategy for our thriller movie openings.
We have watched the opening to movie 'Marathon Man' (1976). And observed a title sequence of 'The Stepfather' to be able to compare what the two have in common, and to find out if there is a clear strategy to this. It seems that within the analysis of both introductions the first thing they are introduced to is the production company. 'Marathon Man' production and distribution company was 'Paramount Presents'. A film title only comes up on the screen on average of a minute within the movie. Even before the title we are introduced to a few main characters and may have already seen some action. The information that comes up on a typical introduction are:
  • Production
  • Director
  • Casting
  • Title
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Production Designer
  • Associated Producers
  • Director of Photography 

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