Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thriller Sub-Genres..

Thriller sub-genres are thriller movies with elements of other genres. I have researched the different types of thriller sub-genres: conspiracy,disaster, legal, medical, mystery, political, revenge, religion...
Here is a list of the ones that I found most intriguing:
  • Crime thriller: this type is a hybrid of a thriller as well as crime film. (eg. Seven)
  • Psychological thriller: this genre consists of mostly action that is expressed through emotion and mentality as apposed to physical action (eg. Psycho - Alfred Hitchcock collection)                               
  • Supernatural thriller: This would include characters who maybe have psychic abilities. (eg. What lies Beneath)
 I have chosen these three sub-genres because I believe what makes a good thriller, is a sense of reality, crime, and psychology is something that happens through out the world in our everyday lives. The audience is bound to believe more in the movie, and have a galvanizing effect upon them. I also enjoy supernatural thrillers, because even though it may not be as realistic, there are so many people out there who are superstitious therefore nobody can ever guarantee that there is no truth there, and that inspires me.


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