Monday, 31 January 2011

Livetype And Soundtrack Pro

In lesson we were introduced to the software Livetype. This software allows the user to create an animated title sequence, begining with simply entering what they wish to be their title. I chose to try and replicate a proffesional  feel to my title so i named it Steel Palm Studios simply because there is a back ground with palm trees that compliments the name.
This is the begining of my title sequence
I began to experiment with different fonts and animatic word sequences (livefonts) to add some personality to the text , however the sequences did not fall efficiently with my text and seemed to look very mediocre so i decided to not include no word animations. I then added a texture to my title sequence and as previously mentioned i used the texture that complimented the name, the texture of palm trees (ink 02). I then adjusted the time frame of when the text makes it entrance to be in sync with the animatic texture. In addition to the animated texture I also used the wave effect to add a magnified feel in the begining of the title sequence, giving it edge.
Near complete title sequence
 Soundtrack Pro
This software allows its user to compose a piece of music, with thousands of sound effects, highly useful when coming to compose a sound piece to accompony the title sequence or to add non digetic sound effects to a scene. When I began creating my piece of music I took into account that this will accompony my title sequence from Livetype so I decided for my first sound to be of the beach, I then included an irrelevant cardboard box opening followed by a ticking sound connoting to the audience that the contents of this cardboard box is a bomb this has many references to my film genre of thrillers.
Screen shot of my soundtrack on Soundtrack Pro
 Finally, I combined the two productions into one by exporting both the text and the sound into Final Cut Pro allowing me to visualise the two together.
This is a screen shot of both the work from Livetype and Soundtrack Pro into one on Final Cut Pro

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