Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Title sequence analysis.

Title Timeline: 
15 seconds – Film Starts
22 seconds – ScreenGems Presents
29 seconds – Maverick Films/Imprint Entertainment, Granada Presents
52 seconds –  The STEPFATHER (Title)
57 seconds – First Actor
1 minute 1 second – Second Actor
1 minute 5 seconds – Third Actor
2 minutes 13 seconds – Casting By
2 minutes 25 seconds – Costume Designer
2 minutes 30 seconds – Music By
2 minutes 42 seconds – Edited By
2 minutes 49 seconds – Production Designer

Film Title Introduction:
The film title, ‘Stepfather’, was not very eye catching due to it being in the bottom left hand corner with a faded colour as the title. Which may have been purposefully done to suspect a sort of 'under cover' feeling. As if something or someone is trying to hide their identity.
The Title is introduced precisely at 52 seconds, in the Bottom left corner near the beginning of the title sequence.

Production and distribution companies:
-ScreenGem Presents

-Maverick Films
-Imprint Entertainment
-Granada Presents

Information that is Included in the title sequence:
-Casting By
-Costume Designer
-Music Supervisor
-Edited By
-Production Designer

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