Thursday, 27 January 2011


I have recently been learning of how to edit videos. After having shot the 'bag swap' video, we needed to develop our skills within the editing suit. To do this we used a program called 'FinalCut Pro'. This is extremly advanced software that helped us put together our movie creating something appealing to the audience and developing new skills.

There are a few examples of editing shots that make the scenes more effective for the viewers:

Shot reverse shot - this shot is most often used in coversations, the camera cuts to each person as they take their turns to speak.
Cross Cut - This is when editing takes us from one place to another linking the two images together, making sure they have something in common.
Match Cut - This is editing that occurs in action for example when we see a person leaning out to open the door, and then we have a close up of the door.

To edit out footage we had to save it to an external hard drive, connect it to the computer and drag our footage into 'final cut'. We then learnt how to crop the videos and organise them across a timeline.

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