Thursday, 27 January 2011


Absolutely fantastic fantasy thriller.. Having just finished watching it, I must admit I am breath taken. Incredible movie, directed by Peter Jackson in 2009. The film was based on the novel that had been written by Alice Sebold. A terrifying story of a young girl 'Susie Salmon' who had been murdered at the age of 14 by her neighbor. Susie explains her story whilst she's in the world in between heaven and earth. Her ambition is to try and get somebody to discover her lost body, when showing how lives have been affected around her, and the consequences of her death. This movie was incredibly inspiring. The editing that was used to create effects was phenomenal; how fluently the entire story just grew beautifully together.
The camera work in this movie was excellent, I particularly enjoyed the scene where Susies sister Lindsey had broken into the neighbors house and discovered the dreadful secret that the neighbor had in fact killed his sister. However to us as the audience, we know where Susie is and we are anxious for somebody to find her. As Lindsey breaks into the neighbors house, she falls into the basement where Susies body is hidden. There is a perfect shot there to create immaculate suspense when Lindsey is walking up the staircase and the camera is just focusing on her feet looking past the safe in which her sister's body was in. She pauses at the top of the staircase - false plateau - and when the audience is hoping for Lindsey to turn around and check what's in the safe, she turns to carry on moving up the stairs.
Once the neighbor is back in the house and Lindsey is still upstairs in his bedroom having found the journal which proves her sister's murder, Lindsey intended to adjust the floorboards (under which she found the journal) the way she found it. And the silence of the house makes that wood 'bang' the loudest noise, as we have a low angle close up of the 'villain' conveying his power, as dramatic music accompanies his chase.

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