Thursday, 6 January 2011

Sub-Genres in Thrillers.

Thrillers are often hybrids with other genres such as;
Horror. (Is seen to be one of the most popular sub-genres of Thrillers)
Science fiction.
Good Vs Evil.
Fatal attraction.
Innocent on the run
Film Noir.

Thrillers are usually aimed to make the audience feel anxiety, suspense, excitement and a high level of anticipation. I, personally enjoy action thrillers or comedy thrillers. As I do not enjoy horror films or films that make me scared or worried.
Since watching the film 'The Stepfather' however, It has actually gotten me interested in the more psychological and murderous thriller genres. As I am thinking about the possibilities for sub-genres for the 2 minute clip for the film that we are due to start in the next few weeks.

I am interested in the sub-genre's Psychological and murderous because it is a film that you can make as though everything seems ordinary and then suddenly show small hints that something isn't right, so that the audience are waiting for the "Bomb theory" to happen. - like in step father, the film seems to be a normal start with a man getting up and shaving his beard off and then making some toast in the kitchen. But then the audience notices that the house he's supposedly living in, is a family home with loads of pictures of families in it, which don't have any images of him- this can make someone wonder; "Where is everybody else?" That's when the camera then switches to the images of the dead bodies that the man has been walking around whilst doing his normal day-to-day duties.

That sort of film opening can make the audience feel a little taken back and shocked. Which is the sort of reaction that I hope to succeed in whilst filming my two minute opening clip.

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