Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Inspiring title sequence

I chose to analyse the opening sequence to the film seven. The film is a phsycological thriller, which is evident from the start. As I'd never seen this film I did not know what to expect from the beginning. The music is creepy and slow. And the volume flickers. The tone is similar to a work shop, which ties in with the visible aspects of the opening.

The typography of the titles is sans serif, which connotes informality and simplicity. The colour white against the dark backgrounds make it stand out, showing that the titles are important to the film as they are not hidden away. The most important names, and the title of the film are made even more visible as they are layed out on a black screen, in between the action shots. Whilst the other words go along with the action in strategically placed angles and places. The words flicker, suggesting mental instability. Director Kyle Cooper has given away this much just from typography.

The action shots are  a series of close ups of a man doing different kinds of things. The close - ups make sure we do not know who the person is. This engages the audience as they want to know who he is and why he does these things.

There are disturbing images, including pictures deformed body parts and the man shaving skin from his fingers. The audience is then repulsed by his actions. Then there are less gruesome images that give away things about the film, crossing out words in a newspaper. Although these shots are not particularly 'thrilling' it is evident that the character is obsesive as everything he does is un naturally precise.

The director, Kyle Cooper, shows us that typography and fast cuts of different images can be used in a thrilling way. The sequence gives away just enough togrip the audience without giving away too much or becoming boring. So in my opinion, this is a great opening that we can use as inspiration for our own.

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