Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The Stepfather Synopsis

The film is about a a serial killer that targets single parent families as a basis for murder. The opening scene shows normality in an American, suburban area. Then we are introduced to the stepfather himself, David Harris. As he prepares for a day of what the audience thinks is a typical day, cutting his hair and shaving his face, the audience starts to realise that he is actually changing his appearance for other reasons. The first sign of abnormality is the grooming tools all layed out. As they connote obsession. The image of the blood when David cuts his face shaving, stands out amongst the otherwise normal shots as the audience.

When David goes downstairs to get some coffee, the scene ultimately maintains the sense of normality. Then the camera tilts to the disturbing image of the sink with the tools. The audience can suddenly confirm that this character will be the murderer.
The other key characters:
  • Susan Harding - David's oblivious lover.
  • Jay Harding - Susan's ex husband and father to her children.
  • Micheal Harding - Susan and David's son.
  • Kelly Porter - Micheal's long term girlfriend.
When Micheal returns home from military school, he finds that his mother has met a new man, David. As the audience witnessed the first scene, the bomb theory is used throughout the whole film as we know he is a murderer but the other characters don't. Micheal slowly starts to realise that there is something not right with his soon to be stepfather.

His real dad shares the same concern, but maybe for different reasons. As the story goes on, the audience finds out he does not just murder families, but other people who could deviate his plans, for example, mrs Cutter, the elderly neighbour.

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