Thursday, 7 April 2011

Evaluation Question 4 & 5

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract/address your audience?
As our film is only at student level I doubt we would get the recognition our hearts desired for the distribution of our media product. However we live in the age of a technological boom so the power of the internet will contribute highly to advertisement. The favoured website of streaming videos is the ever popular where users can create an account and upload videos of their own and gain feedback using the 'like' and 'dislike' buttons located next to the video as well as the comment section where haters tend to hate but to be fair, negative feedback is always good as they express their opinions on what they want to be improved. 
Here is another media students work that has been uploaded to youtube. Their one is interesting as it has a high amount of views (103,464 views)  consisting of a ton of feed back from the like/dislike bar and the comments section;
'Nice work. It was really suspenseful. I hope you expand on this because it is very cool.'

Another popular website I will look to advertise on is Another popular website amongst people, the highest populated social networking website to date. Very simply you can create an account and express your feelings as a status, post pictures and videos, take polls etc. Like youtube this consists of the whole 'Like' to the 'Comment box' allowing the user to display their opinions. Facebook has major benefits as you can click the 'share' button and it will post it on your wall for your own friends to see increasing the chances of it going viral and then catching the eyes of the "top dogs" in the media industry who can take action and offer you a career in that field  like the controversial pop singers Justin Beiber and Rebecca Black.
Here is a screen shot illustrating what I have mentioned in the paragraph above. Here you see that I have uploded Violet onto Facebook and have already began receiving feedback in the form of likes and comments. Luckily it's all positive feedback! is very similar to Youtube only far more professional as there are very strict copyright laws opposed on the website. Also it is classified as a semi-professional website. The users who posted the movie would have been the actual creator or have a relation to them in this case our college has uploaded ours for other Vimeo members to view our work. Please note Mr/Ms examiner the password is 'student'

Another website that'll participate in assisting with the market campaign of Violet is  This organisation is lottery funded and aims for young people to reach their optimum level through contributing with the project so they will be more lenient rather than the high profiled production companies;
The obvious website that'll be assisting in the marketing campaign is the website I am using now to type this... Blogger :). As illustrated by all of my previous content users can comment on your blog posts and you can hyperlink your blog to other websites to get views. The downside to Blogger is that it is not the most visited site in the world and I do not think it is the popular with my target audience of young adults upwards, this also goes for and Bebo (which are old news in the social networking sites) none the less I will still make accounts on all social networking websites to increase chances of having my film being viewed. 
We can not forget the good ol' ways of advertising such as verbal communication which gets the job done - tell a friend to tell a friend. Also I would hope for the local newspapers to assist with the advertising as the borough will benefit from it also from gaining recognition and gaining more tourists from doing so.
Unfortunately as we have produced a thriller opening at student level we would not be able to display our film to the public at a popular cinema such as Vue or Cineworld, however local and more discrete cinemas will  more then likely be glad to show it as it would bring in a revenue. In our case we viewed all of our As thriller openings at the cinema Screen On The Green, located near to our college.
As we are not backed by a huge media production company like Avatar was, we are being assisted by our college City and Islington who have a low budget in comparison to the huge media production companies. In this being said, our thrillers will be distributed onto 200 DVDs to be shared amongst the students. IF things were to go my way, I'd hope for the thriller openings to be distributed onto a Blu Ray disc as they are becoming ever popular and technology is fluctuating so in time DVDs will be a thing of the past like VCR's.

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