Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Evaluation Question 1

1) In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
A) Seeing as our primary stimulus title sequence was from the psychological Thriller Se7en the viewer will note a huge amount of intertextuality from its discrete title sequence which consists of a vast amount of close up "in your face" shots that will really startle the viewer and hopefully gain a visceral reaction such as when Violet is being dragged into the bath room with a birds eye view shot revealing the blood on her white dress. Notably, we also used a blank screen title sequence as used in Se7en allowing the viewer to pay their full attention to the cast and crew of the film. The mood and tone has been replicated to mirror Se7en's mood - very uncomfortable and bizarre. As illustrated by the screen grabs below;

B) Another Se7en inspired trait was to use transparency in our clips for the viewer to view two shots at once. Connoting a significant relation and adding to the obscenity of the clips. It also allowed clips to flow into each other more effectively and less rigid as well as to make the character seem like they are at two places at once with a jittery effect;

C) As mentioned on my blog, The Exorcist played a part in constructing the possessed, desolated look. We looked at it for inspiration to use white clothing to connote the purity and innocence of a character but to also show that she is not a normal girl. Highly accentuated by the editing which made the locale seem far darker than it actually was and making the dress really "glow" making Violet stand out;
D) Psycho's highly cliche drain scene has been replicated in our movie title sequence. Possibly the most intertextual scene in history startles the viewer as they feel they are most vulnerable. We hoped to gain this same effect with our Violet drain scene;
E) The blood dripping down hand shot was inspired by the gory opening title sequence of the film Ghost ship. Where we see a wire slice through people leaving blood dripping down the victims. Similarly illustrated in Violet;

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